About Dr. Xiong

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”
At our clinic, to being the healing process we take great care to listen so a seamless healing transition can occur.

button1 01What We Do:
  • We perform thorough four method diagnosis to collect information.
  • ​We provide powerful classical Chinese medicine treatments.
  • ​We assist you to achieve health, strength, vitality and longevity.
button2 01How We Do It:
  • We dig into the web of symptoms and connect the evidence.
  • ​​We work as detectives to identify the root cause.
  • ​​We customize treatment plans to rebalance and heal.
button3 01Why Choose Us:
  • We take time to listen, understand, and communicate.
  • ​We focus on the root problem instead of scattered symptoms.
  • ​​Every treatment is individual and unique.
  • xiong sarasotaNationally certified by NCCAOM as Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.
  • 20+ years of combined experience in biomedical research,  wellness/weight management/nutritional consulting, Acupuncture & Classical Chinese Medicine.
  • Multiple years of apprenticeship training since childhood and in private classical Chinese Medicine clinic.
  • Native Chinese (speaks both mandrin and cantonese Chinese fluently)

Academic background:

  • University of Science and Technology of China, B.S. Performed Biophysics and Quantitive Biology related research under Professor Yunyu Shi (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences).
  • Rutgers University and University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, PHD research in computational biology and structural genomics in drug discovery under the guidance of Professor Gaetano T. Montelione (Jerome and Lorraine Aresty Chair in Cancer Biology). Published first author research papers on Protein Science.
  • Florida College of Integrative Medicine, Master in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Are You Covered?

Dr. Xiong accepts insurance for acupuncture patients. In order to best serve you we can verify your insurance benefits before you arrive.
Please click on the link below and complete the online form. We will contact you as soon as the benefits are established.
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