Ever since I set up my clinic in Palmer Ranch area of Sarasota, I have helped hundreds of patients to regain their health. Often, patients come to my clinic with chronic health issues that they have been suffering for many years, some of such cases even current Western medical practitioners have no clear diagnosis and/or solution for, they are regularly surprised to see how amazing healing can manifest.  Some of my patients have used the word “miracle”, and I suppose, it could appear that way, considering the long journey many have taken prior to entering my office.  Sometimes they can overwhelm me with their gratitude, but what I really want to say here is my genuine gratitude to my dear patients. 

I have the most lovely patients group in the world. Patients come in and get healed, they talk to everyone about their healing stories, they bring in their family and friends. One of my dear patients even volunteered to re-design my whole waiting room for FREE just because she liked me so much and she thought my waiting room didn't present me and my practice well enough.

I love my patients. How lucky I am and how dare I could not work hard up to 100% to help them solving their health issues.

Just as how I make analogy to help patients understand Chinese Medicine in an easy way, I always think of my patients as beautiful blossoming plants from heaven. However, during this planet-earth journey, some plants get damages in their roots, some of them are invaded by bugs, some leaves are falling, some don't blossom anymore. And I, am a gardener that helps God taking care of this garden. I help them to get rid of bugs, I add fertilizer back to the ground and repair the drainage system, I improve the ventilation system so that plants can get enough fresh air and sunshine. Those plants that came to my garden withered and dying, gradually started to re-grow their roots back, their trunk got stronger and leaves re-gain vitality, and beautiful flowers started re-blossom again.

From this point of view, I am the most happy and proud gardener in the world. Working in my "garden" and helping my "plants" to gain their health back is never a job to me, it is a passion, and also an important mission I meant to accomplish in my life, so that when one day the end of my own planet-earth journey comes, I can peacefully return to Heaven and see God smiling at me and say: "Welcome back! my dear child. You did a great job taking care of my garden."

And then, I will turn around, and happily reunite with my dear mother, who is already in heaven waiting for me. I will hug her and tell her: "Dear mom, I regretted so much that I couldn't save your life and I knew how sad and painful you were when you had to leave us, but mom, look at the beautiful garden I planted, and see the touches and changes I was able to bring into these families, aren't you proud of me?"

In Feb 27th, 2005, two months before my daughter was born, my dear mom left this world forever due to terminal cancer. She never got the chance to see her first grandchild. It was a tragedy for our family, and this date was also the turning point that made me transitioning from a researcher to a clinician. 

I made a promise to God ever since then that I will make healing manifesting in thousands of families so that people don't have to suffer what my family had to undergo, so that moms can live a health life to enjoy their family times with their children, and grandchildren, or even grand-grand children happily.

  • Have you suffered from similar tragedies in your family?
  • Are you afraid of your family's "Bad-Gene" heritage and worried about your health from time to time?
  • Are you or any of  your family members or friends suffering from any kind of chronic health problems?
  • Are you or your loved ones disappointed with the current treatment results?
  • Are you and your family or friends in desperate need of an alternative solution to their current health challenges that western medicine has no solution?
  • Are you tired of being treated like a list of iron-cold testing numbers and pumped with pills to suppress scattered symptoms and don't know where to find a practitioner who truly cares and look at you as a whole living person and does his/her best to find the root cause and heal? 

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, welcome to my garden. Bring together those who you love and care, Let's work together so that healing and changes can start from today.

Click here to start a FREE online evaluation test to find out how healthy you are really, by the end of the test, you will be able to claim a voucher which entitles you to book a 20-minutes initial health consultation at my clinic for FREE.

IMG 5304Patients coming to our clinic may notice that I have a poster hanging on the wall in the hallway. This handsome young professional ballet dancer is my patient, Francisco Serrano. In our small town Sarasota, he is a local star, being featured in many newspaper articles and local televisions shows. 

On top of the poster, this young dancer wrote the following for me: "Dear Dr. Xiong: Thank you so much for helping me when it is most needed. Ponchi". I always joke with him that when one day he becomes world famous super star in Ballet, I am going to sell this poster for big money because it has his own signature on it.

This is actually a quite interesting story in terms of talking about Acupuncture and its power. The story has to date back two years ago. In year 2014, this super talented young dancer had two very important competition in his life, one is a regional competition in Atlanta, if he won, he would be entitled to go to the finals of the Youth America Grand Prix, the world's largest ballet scholarship competition in New York City.

One week before he was heading to Atlanta, Fransico's father, the founder of Sarasota Cuban Ballet School called me in urgency: "Dr. Xiong, Ponchi (Francisco's nick name) injured his foot during practicing, he can barely walk now, but we are going to Atlanta for competition in one week, is there any way you help him?"

I totally understood Mr. Serrano's worry and stress. Ponchi was a super talented dancer, and this regional competition was very important to his dance career. I asked Mr. Serrano to bring his son to my clinic immediately.

Half an hour later, this young gentleman showed up in my clinic. After a brief checkup, I inserted several needles in his opposite hand and asked him to try to jump again. Both of them were staring at me and could not believe what I said. "Dr. Xiong, are you sure he is able to jump? You see how he walked in limping?" Mr. Serrano obviously was very worried.

Ponchi tried to jump for a couple of times, and to their surprise, he was able to jump with no pain at all within just several seconds after needles were inserted.

After the treatments in my clinic, one week later, Ponchi went to Atlanta, danced wonderfully, and won the gold medal in his competition.

Before his international competition, he started to feel some symptoms on his foot again due to heavy practicing load, this time, he got smart. He stayed in my clinic for a series of treatment to help with pain in his foot, hip, and other joints. The treatments were so effective that not only we were able to help him get rid of the pain, we were also able to increase his range of motion in major joints and make them stay flexible.

Ponchi went to New York City and placed within the top six men in the Seniors division, took a gold medal (first place) with fellow student Gabriella Stilo in the pas de deux division dancing "Le Corsaire," and received a full scholarship from the Royal Ballet in London

This is why he wrote those words above on the Poster and gave to me as a gift. I was very proud of him and very happy to see his achievement.

Such stories, we have had a lot in our clinic. Acute injury especially at the ankle are very common among young athletes/dancers. The pain can be so intense that preventing them from dance again is very frustrating. Most of such cases are due to Qi stagnation at corresponding meridians. We normally use mirror points to treat such cases, so often I will first treat the patient’s opposite hand, usually with a couple needles, those ballet dancers who cannot stand on their toes before the treatment will find themselves easily stand on the toes and dance again without pain. Some severe cases, there are already some blood stagnation at the local area preventing them from getting immediate pain relief, we may need to combine some cupping methods.

There are several related video testimonials Check them out if you are interested. 

Screen Shot 2016 10 25 at 2.04.34 PMThree years ago, Sarasota-Bradenton won a bid to host a series of modern pentathlon World Cup competitions. And the YMCA in palmer ranch area right across the street from my clinic hosted the fencing part of modern pentathlon. In the morning of Feb 18th, 2015, while I was volunteering at the YMCA, a Chinese coach ran out from the competition stadium in a hurry, and asked for emergency help. It turned out that he was the chief-coach for the national modern pentathlon team from China. He looked very worried, because the best athlete in his team Miss Chen Qian, who the world champion in modern pentathlon at the World Cup in 2009, injured her Calf muscle (Gastrocnemius strain) during the fencing competition. She walked out of the stadium limping. Obviously she was enduring a lot of pain. Her coach obviously was very concerned, because after two hours, they were supposed to arrive at the Nathan Benderson Park to continue the rest of competition. How she would perform in afternoon competition would decide whether or not she can enter the final, and her performance would greatly influence whether she could earn her entrance ticket to Rio Olympics.

It was obviously a very challenging case. She could barely walk at that time, not to mention participate in a World Cup competition. I did an emergency acupuncture treatment on site for her, within several minutes, most of her pain was gone. She finished her afternoon competition and entered into final successfully.

She came to my clinic for a couple more treatment including cupping and acupuncture before she went back to China. And last summer, when I got in touch with her coach in Beijing, I was informed that Miss Chen Qian won the second place at the GermanWorld Cup stop. And this year, she went to Rio Olympics and won the 4th place. Congratulations to this young lady. I am so proud of her.

Screen Shot 2016 10 25 at 2.04.39 PM

Acute injury are very common among young athletes/dancers. In my clinic, we treat a lot of such cases. There are several video testimonials at my website from young ballet dancers, you can check them out if you are interested.

Regarding acute injury, we also have another interesting story about a super talented young ballet dancer in Sarasota, to see how acupuncture helped his foot pain, please click here to read his story.

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