Patient Reviews

"If you are in need of relief from pain, discomfort or would like to improve your overall health, you should contact Dr. Ying Xiong. She has a professional caring approach for healing the mind, body and soul. She has helped me reduce medication usage, improve sinuses, removed tooth pain and alleviate lower back discomfort. Dr. Ying Xiong takes time to truly listen to what you and your body are telling her. She masterfully describes the techniques she implements along with providing positive encouragement toward health goals. Take the next step on your way to better health by contacting her today. You won’t be disappointed."
Joe G.

"As veteran from the marine corp, I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain and arm/neck/shoulder pain for many years. The pain in my arms wakes me up at the middle of the night, and I even have difficulty pulling up my blanket without sharp pain. In 2004 I had spinal fusion in my neck and after surgery, I had constant tingling and numbness in my fingers. I had been treated for physical therapy at the Veteran' Hospital for two years with no success. I was constantly on pain medication and muscle relaxants but still suffering from all my symptoms. I had a few people telling me to try acupuncture, and I drove by Dr. Xiong's office road sign everyday and did some research online, and finally I made my decision to give acupuncture a try. The best way I can describe my experience over the past month after being treated by Dr. Xiong is: like night and day. I haven’t felt this good and stay pain free in years! I had a knot in the lower right part of my back for many years and it caused excruciating pain from time to time, and it even prevented me from work, now, my lower back is completely pain free, I can stand longer and taller and walk without shuffling my feet for a long distance. I couldn't lift my arm above my shoulder before, now I can easily raise both of my arms without pain in full range of motion. Dr. Xiong is also helping me with my diet and overweight by acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas, now my "budda" belly is gone! I lost 16 pounds so far. I highly recommend Dr. Xiong to anyone who is suffering from pain like mine."
John W.

"​How can I possibly sum up my experience with Dr. Xiong? Let me start by stating that I have always been a skeptic of any non-Western healing techniques and have never taken a supplement or visited anyone other than Western medical doctors AND I was afraid of needles. Last year I got ill and exhausted my Western medicine alternatives and got no relief. I decided to try an alternative to Western medicine, but being highly educated, I wanted to try a method with several thousand years of practice as well as a choosing doctor who came highly recommended. I found Dr. Xiong. I can honestly say that the skeptic in me has learned a lesson. Through a combination of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Xiong has helped me so much that I can hardly believe it. Not only am I feeling so much better, but my illness is gone!! Thank you Dr. Xiong!!"
Jacqueline M.

"Very attentive and caring! After taking multiple cortisone shots, I finally tried acupuncture. Initially I was skeptical but now I'm a believer! Results were almost immediate! Now not only no more cortisone shots on my arm, I'm also going to try acupuncture on my back pain that no chiropractor has been able to get rid of!!! Highly reccomend Dr. Xiong!!!"
Gabriel T.

"Dr Xiong is wonderful,I can't praise her enough. She is helping me resolve many issues that affected my overall health. I am overweight but on my way to reach a more acceptable healthy weight. Neuropathy was a problem but has nearly gone in my feet, as my circulation improves. My ankles tend to become puffy & swollen but with Dr Xiong's acupuncture are significantly less. I also had a corn or "Chicken's eye"as she called it,on the ball of my foot causing me much pain on walking,which with"cupping" & Dr Xiong's expertize has gone. We are now working on getting off my Blood pressure medication which I have been taking for over 10+ years. Thank you so much Dr Xiong my so smart, kind pleasant Saviour!"
Diane H. 

"Dr. Xiong has helped me so much! I have been suffering from postpartum depression (exhaustion, anxiety, aches and pains) and I have gotten so much relief from my treatments. Not only do I have more energy, many of my aches and pains are starting to subside. I truly feel more like myself than I have in several years. I could not have gotten to this point without her. I highly recommend Dr. Xiong. She is a true healer."
Kathleen W.

"Grateful is the first word that comes to mind. I am. I have had chronic limitations since a car accident 30 years ago. After giving up on Western medicine I credit good body work & acupuncture with keeping me functioning for 30 years. But, it's a whole new level of healing with Dr. Xiong! She has that rare "I care intensely" attitude. She looks at you, watches you move "whole body evaluation" every time I see her. Then she begins treatment like no other D.O.M. I have ever worked with before (like no Chiropractor or any other before). Too much for this littler review space but, e.g. my 1984 medical report said "bulbous C7/MRI). 32 years later, Dr. Xiong said, "that's not right" when palpating the 'bulbous C7) and with needle, fingers, and hands, got rid of it! We are on to the root of many symptoms and weekly I am straighter and stronger!"
N Hiller

"Having received several acupuncture treatments for various reasons from Doctor Xiong over the past several months, I recently received my first Acupuncture and Herbal Facial from her. She uses both acupuncture and various herbs from Chinese medicine for the treatment which takes about 45 minutes. Imagine my surprise when I look in the mirror after the treatment. It certainly exceeded my expectations. My face looks fantastic. My skin looks dramatically younger, energized and firmer. I have a fresh rosy glow and fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared or become less noticeable. Dr. Xiong is professional with compassion and understanding of the apprehension one may experiencing when they arrive at her for first office. She makes you feel welcome, safe and secure. I would highly recommend her."
Mariannne D.

"I've been to may acupuncturists and Dr X has helped me the most from the very first session. She worked carefully on my neck and back--old car accidents--and my pain has decreased significantly. Even my chiropractor has said that my neck has never been better with almost no subluxations and it adjusts much better. Thank you, Dr X."
lleana ileana

"After driving a moving van across the United States, my lower back was so pinched and sore that I developed a bad case of sciatica. I tried all my usual methods of stretching and exercise but was left with pain. After receiving two treatments of acupuncture the pain was relieved. Now I am moving on to fix a chronic knee condition with acupuncture. Dr. Xiong has used several methods and is persistent in her tracking down and alleviating my conditions."
Robin F.

"I met Dr. Xiong through a friend, who was a patient of Dr. Xiong. This was the best thing that happened to me for a long time. Dr. Xiong treated me with acupuncture and a variety of herbal teas – for my balance and walking problem and high blood pressure. My body was overwhelmed with a variety of medications – which may have contributed to this combination of problems. Dr. Xiong put together a detoxification program to eliminate the excess medications (chemicals) from my body. On the end of this treatment, my blood pressure normalized, and it is steady in an acceptable and healthy range. Also, Dr. Xiong treated my right arm with a massage program, since I had somewhat limited use of my right arm. This massage therapy gave me great relief—it felt very good. I like to say, Dr. Xiong cares for her patients with her heart. Dr. Xiong’s high level of medical knowledge, professional approach, and her personal care—interest and dedication in her patients’ well being is a must to mention. Dr. Xiong has a warm caring personality that makes you feel good from the first minute on. She tirelessly dedicates her knowledge to focus on her patient and the problem at hand."
Maria S.

"This letter is in reference to the exceptional care and excellent results achieved by the intervention of Dr. Ying Xiong. On two separate occasions we sought her help with the medical care of our children (boys, ages 6 & 10). We would like to relate our experience and would encourage others to take advantage of this marvelous resource in managing their health care needs. Michael was diagnosed in December with his fourth sinus infection since the school year began last August. He had missed so many days of school that his grades were beginning to suffer. We were treating him with over-the-counter decongestants and using the neti pot twice a day but to no real avail. Hesitant to pursue another course of antibiotics but watching his condition deteriorate, we consulted Dr. Xiong. She took careful note of his symptoms and examined his physical condition. Immediately, she prepared the powdered base for the tea she recommended and instructed us to prepare a small cup for him three times per day. She warned that it would not be delicious but would relieve his suffering and help his body to successfully fight the infection and inflammation. Within a few days Michael was improving significantly and by the end of the first week he was recovering steadily. He was so pleased that he bravely drank the pungent medicinal tea despite its difficult flavor. We’re thrilled to report that he recovered fully and has not experienced another sinus infection yet. Julian suffered with seasonal allergies for the first time last year at age 5. During the months of March and April he became itchy, sniffly, sneezy, and eventually developed hives on his neck and chest. A course of steroids and seasonal allergy medicine interrupted and alleviated his ordeal last year. However, the arrival of early spring this year brought a new challenge for him. Within one week of sniffling and sneezing (in spite of the use of allergy meds), Julian developed severe bronchitis. His breathing was so labored after 24 hours of unending coughing that we rushed him to the emergency room. He was treated with steroids and a breathing treatment; we were to use an inhaler as needed and monitor his symptoms closely. At our wits’ end after two more weeks of sleepless nights (due to his frequent bouts of coughing which required the use of the inhaler to calm) and at the urging of our older son, we again requested a consult with Dr. Xiong. She carefully prepared the appropriate combination of ingredients to address his deficiencies and assist in the recovery of his respiratory system. He now had his own “Dr. Ying tea” to imbibe! Gratefully, his symptoms began to dissipate and he also experienced a complete recovery, without relapse and without the use of antibiotics. We have been repeatedly pleased and impressed with the quality of care and satisfying outcomes that are the result of Dr. Xiong’s intervention. We would highly recommend to other parents that they too benefit from her knowledge and expertise in combating even the common ailments of childhood. We hope for a year of good health for all and express our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Xiong!"
Michael & Elise F.

"I met Dr. Xiong approximately two months ago, when I was leaving an Exercise class, at the YMCA. I was in a great deal of pain and had difficulty walking and getting up from a seated or reclining position. I observed Dr. Xiong who was working with a woman who was experiencing neck pain. Dr. Xiong had placed needles in various areas of the woman’s body and when she removed the needles, the woman appeared to be virtually pain free.

I then spoke with Dr. Xiong and explained what was ailing me. Dr. Xiong asked me very specific and directed questions and then inserted needles into my hand. In fifteen minute’s time, not only had my pain and stiffness disappeared but Dr. Xiong actually had me dancing outside of the YMCA.
I have, subsequently, gone to see Dr. Xiong and she had worked with me to alleviate pain in my back, legs and neck. Dr. Xiong takes the time to ascertain how I am feeling on any given day, checks my body and then determines how to work with me on that day. Her work with her needles is nothing short of “magical!” I walk into her office with aches and pains and leave feeling like a new person.

Dr. Xiong is also an excellent pharmacologist, as regards Chinese Medicine. In addition, Dr. Xiong is an excellent listener who takes the time to determine what needs to be done for a patient and then explains what process or procedures will be done to alleviate the condition.
I unconditionally and without reservation recommend Dr. Xiong to any and all who wish to rid themselves of pain and/or illness. She is truly a miracle worker!"
Randelle S.L.

"I have found such relief from your treatments. I have suffered for a long time from pain in my back and knees. I had reached the point of thinking of my needing a knee replacement. This was not a good option - many friends have had it done and lost a great deal of mobility. Before I came to you I was unable to get to a standing position from sitting. This was painful and embarrassing. After you treated me with acupuncture, powders and teas, I am doing wonderful. My husband now goes and has had dramatic improvement with a very chronic bowel condition. Your kind way and sincere interest in your patients put us at ease. Thank you so much for your help.
Carole P. 

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