Chinese Herbs

1xiong slideshow1If we think about Chinese Medicine as a big umbrella, other than Acupuncture, the other major component under this umbrella is Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient form of healing method with historical evidence dating back more than 5000 years. It uses a wide variety of herbs and minerals in different formulas to treat imbalances, infections, and other ailments of the body. Among them are astragalus, ginseng, ginger, honeysuckle, dandelion, cinnamon, safflower and many more.

Chinese herbal medicine can treat a full range of conditions ranging from acute conditions such as the common cold and flu to chronic conditions such as Crohn's disease, allergy, coronary heart disease, arthritis, post stroke recovery, stress/anxiety management, chronic fatigue syndrome, infertility and many more.

In our clinic, we specialize in Classical Chinese Medicine formulas to help patients with various health issues. In order to let my patients know what Classical Chinese Medicine is and the difference between Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have an interesting blog article about the history of Chinese Medicine and how to differentiate these two very confusing terms. It is called “What is Classical Chinese Medicine? Why choose it instead of Traditional?

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